The top best URL shorteners of 2022

The top best URL shorteners of 2022

The top best URL shorteners of 2022 User1
July 05, 2022

Have you ever noticed while tweeting that you don't have enough characters to include a link to a recent blog article of yours? A URL shortener is a simpler alternative, so keep that in mind while you struggle to condense your Tweet.

By using URL shorteners, you may condense complicated, lengthy URLs into a small number of customisable characters.

Anyone with a website, social media profiles, and a brand they wish to promote may benefit from URL shorteners.

Here are some reasons why you should use a URL shortener and our picks for the best ones.

  • Gotgo [Free Premium URL shortener]
  • Bitly [Best overall URL shortener]
  • Shorby [Best for Instagram users]
  • Sniply [Best for including a CTA to links]
  • TinyURL [Best for anonymous use]
  • Rebrandly [For branded short links]
  • Hyperlink [For tracking real-time data]
  • Shorte.ST [For monetizing links]
  • BL. INK [For business owners]

Why do you need a URL shortener?

There are several benefits to utilizing URL shorteners when sharing links.

Create custom brand links. You have the chance to include your brand name and advertise it while using URL shorteners that let you personalize your short link.

Track performance. Most URL shorteners let you monitor the effectiveness of your links. You can determine the campaign's ROI by keeping track of information like who, when, and where someone clicked on your link.

Make the most of character limits. Character counts on social media networks like Twitter are frequently low. For instance, Twitter restricts you to 280 characters. Posts should be kept to a minimum, and shortened URLs allow you more room to discuss the topic you're promoting.

Short links are tidier. You can have a lengthy URL if you're connecting to a page that is hidden deep inside your website or utilizing UTM parameters to monitor your visitors. Wherever you submit a long URL, whether it be in text, emails, or social media, it appears clumsy and unorganized. Links you create with URL shorteners seem professional and reliable.